Electric food mixer, made by English Electric. Used in Blackburn, Victoria, 1950-1985.

Donor purchased mixer in the early 1950s from the English Electric store in Melbourne for about 30 sterling. She used the mixer for cakes, biscuits etc and also ice cream which could not be bought in large quantities from shops then. She made peppermint ice cream, coloured pale green, served with chocolate sauce. She seldom used the juice extractor as it made large quantities and she lived alone for most of the time.

Physical Description

Metal food mixer. Motor in top part which can be removed for hand-held mixing.This top part has a large black plastic handle. The metal is enamelled a creamy yellow colour. Metal turntable, like a large saucer, which fits to the base. The bowls rest on this. Mixer came with two yellow and white glass bowls, with 'stepped' sides which the donor says were meant to make handling easier. Donor broke the smaller of the two, which English Electric replaced with a similar clear glass version. The original beaters have been mislaid and the donor has provided two which do not fit in firmly. The juice extractor fits on top of the motor section. A small chrome cap is removed and the extractor fits into this section. The extractor consists of a yellow and white glass bowl with a hole on one side to which a metal spout is fixed, plus a metal filter which rests in the bowl and a white china reamer. Also accompanying instruction and recipe booklet. Soft covers. Stapled back. Covers are black, white pale blue and yellow. Inside, black text & drawings.

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