Alternative Name(s): Button Book

Button sample book for women's clothing, manufactured in Germany. Possibly used by a commercial traveller around Stawell and surrounding districts circa1895-1905. It was given to Mrs. E. Evans of Callawadda who brought it with her to Toolern Vale when she came to live with her daughter Mrs Maria Anderson in about 1919. Mrs Anderson's children remember playing with the sample book in the 1920s.

The donor is Mrs Anderson's daughter.

Physical Description

Women's dress buttons in sample book. Eight pages of buttons, plus price per dozen. Some loose buttons of a later date included. The buttons are made out of various materials, probably including glass, jet, wood, mother-of-pearl, bone and early plastics such as Parkesine (celluliod) and bois durci. Very poor condition - pages are buckled, with evidence of extensive mould.

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