Digital photograph of 'smiling sun' crochet by Mrs Lucia Di Carlo (HT 56607), hanging in a window 'for passers-by to enjoy', taken by her daughter Lina Tolli. The photograph was taken at Lucia's home in Clayton in 2020.

The crochet was made by Mrs Lucia Di Carlo to cheer up her family and community during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Mrs Di Carlo was widowed less than two years ago, but still lives independently. She migrated from Italy in the 1950s and raised her family in Clayton. During the pandemic she has been staying in her own home and occasionally the homes of family members. Her daughter Kangi posted a photo of the crochet on Instagram on 17 April 2020, saying 'My 89 year old mother crocheted this to say "the sun will shine again" and it will.'

Kangi explains: 'My mother, Lucia grew up in the South of Italy and being poor all the women in her family learnt to craft to be able to sell items to make money and contribute to the household. Lucia learnt by watching or being taught by the older women in her family and Lucia's expertise was spinning cotton, knitting mens socks, making macrame door curtains and fine embroidery on items such as pillow slips. Lucia taught herself to crochet whilst living in Australia and since her husband's passing has taken up crocheting again and now enjoys making items for all the family such as blankets, beanies and pot holders.'

During the pandemic 'My mum was staying with my sister and they noticed rainbow pictures and teddy bears being displayed in windows, so decided that she wanted to crochet something bright and happy, so an orange sun circle with a smile was created so it could be displayed in my sisters window to lift peoples spirits. Also, at the time of the first lockdown it almost felt for her like being in wartime when she was a young girl, so the lifting of spirits was what she wanted to achieve. She chose orange and a circle because it was the connection to the sun and the sun makes you smile hence she then put a face on the sun.'

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Crochet in form of smiling sun hanging in window of grey weatherboard house. A concrete driveway is just visible on the right.

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Digital photograph.

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