Alternative Name(s): Christening Robe, Christening Dress

Plain, sleeveless hand sewn cotton christening gown, made in 1780. It was worn by Stephen Robinson Turner, an English migrant who arrived in Melbourne from England with his family in 1862. He lived at 'Glenburnie' in Kilmore, until 1888 when they sold the property. In 1893 Stephen withdrew all his money from the bank in sovereigns and travelled to New Zealand in order to weather the financial troubles in Victoria at that time. He then took his family to Europe to find his son a cure for haemophaelia, returning to Australia in the late 1890s and purchasing 'Overdale' in Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria.

Part of a larger collection donated by Mrs Heather, relating to the Turner family of Victoria. Much of the collection dates to the 19th century.

Physical Description

Plain, sleeveless cotton christening gown, falling straight from a high waist. Hand sewn, but unembroidered - utilitarian style. Simple rounded neckline front and back with thin shoulder straps merely a continuation of the 5mm neckline edging. The robe is opened down the centre back to 27cm and has torn a further 11.5cm. Some repair work here. The opening is fastened with draw ties at the neckline and waist; a bone button (7mm diameter) and edged buttonhole used between these ties. At the bottom of the intended opening, 2 corresponding 1cm holes suggest another faster was used here - or heavy reinforced sewing, which has pulled out. Hem turn 2.5cm

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