Programme for various races held at the Eight Hours' Anniversary Sports at the Eastern Oval in Ballarat on 21 April 1894. The sporting event was organised to celebrate the Eight Hour Day. The programme featured a maiden race, handicap hurdle race, bicycle races, hydrant race and boys race.

Action taken by stonemasons on 21 April 1856 led to the establishment of the Eight Hour Day, with the government agreeing that workers employed on public works should enjoy an eight hour day with no loss of pay. It was a world first and became emblematic of the rights of labour. In recognition of the significance of this achievement, April 21 was made a public holiday in 1879 and commemorative marches were held each year from 1879 until 1951. The Eight Hour Day holiday was renamed Labour Day in 1934. In 1955 the Labour Day march and celebrations were replaced by Moomba celebrations.

Physical Description

Four page booklet containing printed text. The cover features text on the event which sits inside a decorative border. Pages inside list sporting events and participants in black ink.

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