Original Fracmo Fractional motor for model of James Harrison's vapour compression refrigeration machine, one of Victoria's few internationally significant inventions of the 19th century.

Motor sent with model from Smithsonian. Removed by Conservation during preparation for activation in late 2009.

Physical Description

Grey metal cylinder with horizontal bar at one end and coloured wires (black, orange, red and yellow) at the other, connected to silver metal cylinder with grey metal slip.

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    Transfer from Division of Industry, Smithsonian Institution, 19 Jun 2008

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    On label: FRACMO / FRAME P3371 TORQUE 10BINS / WINDING PO R.P.M. 78 / I.W.O. No. C1342 VOLTS 110/115 / SER No. 1 - 60 PH.1 / FRACTIONAL H.P. MOTORS LTD. / LONDON, N.W.9. ENGLAND Handwriten in black ink on the side: 110 VOLTS

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    Mechanical engineering, Refrigeration, Refrigeration compressors

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    History & Technology

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    [Article] Alexander, R. B. 1952. Prominent Personalities of the Eighteen-Fifties - Part (2) James Harrison, M.L.A., Scientific Discoverer and Journalist. Victorian Historical Magazine. XXIV (No.4): 125-126., Vol.XXIV, No.4, 125-126 Pages

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