White linen lawn blouse with insert front panel of broderie lace. Belonged to Betty Anderson of Kew. Name tape inside with red lettering 'R.A.' It is not known who the 'R' is. The appearance of the blouse suggests a date of the early 20th century.

Betty (Elizabeth) was the daughter of James Caldwell Anderson and Mary Lloyd Anderson, and grand-daughter of renowned architect Lloyd Tayler. Born in 1889, Betty was one of four siblings, all of whom she outlived. The family lived at 'Mynda', 5 Molesworth Street, Kew, Melbourne. Betty served in the Red Cross during World War I, although details are confined to a nurse's apron and a photograph. She never married, and lived to the age of 92, passing away in 1982.

Physical Description

White linen lawn blouse with insert front panel of broderie, further double row of broderie with three pin tucks on either side of panel. Broderie high standing neck band closing with three metal hooks and eyes. Long sleeves with broderie cuffs closing with two metal hooks, left wrist edge hook broken. No visible matching eyes on either cuff. Two tuck darts at front shoulder line. Two gussets set in from underarm to waist edge. Back closure, with four machined button holes and pearl shell buttons, button two and four missing. Three pin tucks on each side of back closure.

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