Farm worker's smock (or Slop) brought to Australia from England (Rolvenden, Kent) by donor's great-grandmother, around 1883. The loose over-garment, covering the knees, is typical of those worn in the southern counties of England, such as Surrey or Sussex.

Physical Description

Farm worker's smock (or Slop). Loose over-garment, covering the knees, handmade from drabbet (twilled linen) khaki coloured, some rust spots. Opened front and back with buttons made from mother-of-pearl; long wide arms with double cuff (one button); large cape-collar; honeycombing embroidery around collar, along shoulder and around cuff; smocking at top of front and back opening, and top of sleeves and just before cuffs. Heart- shaped embroidered motif at base of front and back opening.

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