Alternative Name(s): Lekgabe

Skirt made by the African Women's Group, circa 1990-1992 in Melbourne. This item is one of nine purchased from the African Women's Group, which was established in 1984 by Amelia Sello, an immigrant from South Africa. Mrs Sello also teaches crafts to group members.

The Lekgabe is a traditional skirt or frill, worn by young village women. It is traditionally made from strong vegetable fibre and worn with beads made from smooth seeds coloured with oxides. This lekgabe is accompanied by glass beads worn around the waist.

Physical Description

Skirt of unbleached manufactured cotton fibre consisting of a thick fringe sewn into a narrow waistband of dark blue and white printed cotton fabric. The waistband is extended and fastened by tying in a bow. The cotton fringe is cut to a uniform length.

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