Dress (Chitenge) made by the African Women's Group, circa 1990 - 1992. This type of garment is worn by women throughout Africa as a ceremonial or formal dress. However, older women wear a version with short sleeves and a wider head band. The dress is accompanied by a wide headband with separate tie.

The African Women's Group, was established in 1984 by Amelia Sello, an immigrant from South Africa. Mrs Sello also teaches crafts to group members. The work of Amelia Sello is documented in the publication "Contemporary Craft and Cultural Identity" produced from the Australia Council funded research project.

Chitenge is the word used for 'material' or 'fabric' throughout Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania. It is usually very colourful and is sold in 2m long sections.

Physical Description

A sleeveless cotton dress with gored skirt, in green and gold tie-dyed pattern. The skirt has an additional, short layer attached at the waist.

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