Alternative Name(s): Chikisa
Dress made by the African Women's Group, circa 1990-1992 in Melbourne. This item is one of nine purchased from the African Women's Group, which was established in 1984 by Amelia Sello, an immigrant from South Africa.

This dress comes from the Setswane tradition. It is given to a woman by her mother-in-law as a sign of acceptance into the new family. It symbolises reaching womanhood, and its wearer receives respect. It is worn at first with dowry items, and must be of this pattern and colour.

Physical Description

A sleeveless cotton dress of cotton, printed in dark blue with a white dotted check pattern. The dress is waisted. The skirt is slightly flared from the waistband and gathered at an inserted band halfway down the skirt. There are two bands of horizontal pin tucking on the skirt, and two patch pockets. The bodice has a scalloped neckline, trimmed with the same fabric, reverse side showing.

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