Pair of yellow socks with a geometic pattern running lengthwise in several strips. They are probably factory 'seconds'. Part of the Steinberg Drapery Collection.

Hyman Steinberg immigrated from Palestine in 1924 and his future wife Phyllis immigrated from the Russian-Polish border in 1927. Hyman established a manufacturing business in Elgin Street, Carlton, making men's and women's hoisery. He continued manufacturing there until 1938. Meanwhile, in 1930, Hyman and his wife had leased a shop across the road from their mill in Elgin Street and begun a drapery business. There were many other Jewish shopkeepers in Carlton and several other drapery shops in Elgin and Lygon Streets. The Steinberg Drapery was operated by Hyman and Phyllis until Hyman's death in 1975. Mrs Steinberg retired in 1989, aged nearly 80, and Museum Victoria acquired many items from the store.

Physical Description

Pair of man's calf-length woollen socks. Socks are yellow with a brown, green and red geometric pattern on either side. Each sock is made of two pieces, sewn together, all the way around, just below the heel. One also has a seam along the back of the sock, from the heel.

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