Digital copy of a portrait of Philip and Mary Langton-Lockton with their daughters Sarah, Frances and Julia, taken in later 1948.

Sisters Sarah, Frances and Julia Langton-Lockton arrived in Australia from England on the SS Stratheden in mid May 1948, chaperoned by their nanny, Betty Wotherspoon. The Sun newspaper photographed them on the steps of the ship's gangway as they disembarked. Their parents, Mary and Philip Langton-Lockton had travelled six months earlier, via America. Philip, a young doctor, was looking for a medical practice to buy, which took some time to find with a house attached. He worked for a while in Adelaide as an assistant for a Dr Leditchski before hearing of a Dr Peters wishing to sell in Gisborne, Victoria.

As soon as they had moved and settled in they sent for their daughters. After the family was reunited, a series of formal family portraits were taken. Each of the sisters wore a special dress, made by a local dressmaker back in the Lake District, where they'd been living, now known as Cumbria, in the UK, before migrating to Australia. The dress worn by Frances has been donated to Museums Victoria (HT 57161).

The family lived in Victoria from 1948 until 1955, with the exception of the year 1952, which was spent in Sydney, where Philip underwent further medical training. The family returned to Britain in December 1955 to a wintry landscape of a country covered in snow.

The donor, Frances, later returned to Australia in 1967, living in Melbourne and marrying an Australian. In 2009, she featured in the ABC TV Series 'Can We Help', which reunited her with Nanny, who had remained in Australia, married and was living in Adelaide. Their reunion was featured in Episode 13, 8 May 2009.

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Adult man and woman, with three young girls, in indoor setting (such as a studio). The man wears glasses and a bow tie.

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Digital photograph.

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