A newspaper cutting from an unidentified newspaper, featuring three black & white prints taken from woodblock engravings, circa 1880. The prints show views of three Melbourne exhibitions: the Melbourne Exhibition of 1854, and the Melbourne Intercolonial Exhibitions of1866 and 1875.

The 1854 exhibition was held in the first Exhibition Building on the corner of Williams Street and Londsdale Street in Melbourne. The 1866 and 1875 intercolonial exhibitions were held in a temporary annexe constructed at the rear of the Public Library in Swanston Street. The two lower images in this cutting provide bird's-eye views of crowds perusing the exhibition displays. The walls of the exhibition halls are decorated with colonial and international flags.

Physical Description

A newspaper cutting that has been cut around three reproduced prints depicting three exhibitions held in Melbourne, Victoria, in 1854, 1866 and 1875 respectively. The image is captioned at the bottom of the newspaper margin: MELBOURNE EXHIBITIONS: 1. 1854; 2.1866; 3. 1875. A handwritten annotation in pen is written in the margin below the caption.

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