Alternative Name(s): Alleys

Six white glass 'sharp shooter' marbles with coloured streaks, in white plastic mesh bag. They may have been purchased in Adelaide in 1981, at the same time as SH 990074.

Marbles is an ancient game. Stone marbles have been found which date from 4000BC. The game can be found throughout the world, and there is a commonality in the way it is played which transcends cultural differences. It is one of the most familiar children's games in Australia. Marbles as playthings were first made from stone and clay, and later from glass which allowed colour to be added. This bag of marbles is typical of contemporary, mass-produced marbles manufactured overseas and imported into Australia in the latter half of the 20th century.

Part of the Australian Children's Folklore Collection, which is unique in Australia, documenting contemporary children's folklore across Australia and in other countries reaching back to the 1870s. The Collection has a strong component of research material relating to Victoria.

Physical Description

Six white glass marbles with coloured streaks, in white plastic mesh bag with a knot tied in each end and original packaging label attached. Label is cardboard, white on front and brown card on back. Pink lettering across middle of label, and white lettering on brown timber-patterned background above and below. Printed on label are brand-name of marbles, distributor, country of manufacture and contents list. The marbles are all the same size, approx. 2.5cm in diameter. Four marbles have brown/yellow/green narrow streaks, one has brown/yellow/blue, and one has brown/yellow/blue/green.

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