Souvenir Football form the Grand Final Breakfast held at the Royal Exhibition Building on Saturday 30 September 1995 by North Melbourne Football Club. Australian Rules Football is arguably the most important and popular spectator sport in Melbourne and Victoria. It permeates many aspects of the social and commercial lives of Victorians. The North Melbourne Breakfast is an annual event held on the morning of the AFL Grand Final and has become a traditional part of Grand Final week celebrations. The Royal Exhibition Building was the venue for this event for many years, demonstrating the diverse uses to which the building has been put since its construction in 1880 and its role in the social, commercial and sporting life of Victorians.

Physical Description

Souvenir football (Australian Rules) decorated in blue and white from North Melbourne Football Club Grand Final Breakfast. The decorations on the ball include advertisements for NZI Insurance, Toshiba, Coca-Cola, Crown Casino and 3AW.

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