Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition official daily programme printed at the (Royal) Exhibition Building on 5 January 1888, outlining events being held in the building on that day. Alongside the listings of amusements, demonstrations and concerts are advertisements for estate agents, auctioneers, financial agents and a coffee palace.

Physical Description

Paper, six leaves. The outside covers have been detached. The front cover is black print on buff coloured paper and has an illustration of a woman in a classical pose and Grecian style clothing. She is holding a staff in one hand and an illuminated lantern with the word Progress in the other. At her feet are a lamb and bags of produce. There is extensive advertising surrounding the image. Page 3 contains a detailed programme of events for Saturday January 5, 1889, including dairy exhibits, switchback railway, shooting galleries, recitals and concerts conducted by Mr Frederic Cowan. Pieces by Schubert, Mozart, Wagner, Chopin and Mendelssohn were on the programme.

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