Made: Issued by Tea Market Expansion Bureau
Used: circa 1940 - 1945
Found under the floorboards of the Gallery, Great Hall when replaced in 1989.

Physical Description

Brown pamphlet, folded down centre, printed throughout with red and black ink. Front has black text and illustration depicting man and woman making billy tea, car in background. Inside has red and black text and some sketches of peoples faces in pencil. Reverse has 'Anytime is tea time' logo and more sketches.


Reason for Acquisition: Transfer from the Trustees of the Royal Exhibition Building
From 1940 to 1945 the Exhibition Building was occupied by the Royal Australian Air Force as a training school. About 500 to 700 men lived in for varying periods of time. When the floorboard on the balcony level of the Great Hall were replaced as part of the restoration program, many items dating back to the 1940s were found. These provide an insight into the lifestyle and interests of RAAF personnel stationed in the building.

More Information

  • Collection Names

    Royal Exhibition Building Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Home & Community, Public Life & Institutions, Royal Exhibition Building

  • Acquisition Information

    Transfer from Trustees of the Royal Exhibition Building (REB), Sep 1991

  • Place & Date Used

    Royal Exhibition Building (REB), Melbourne, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1940-1945

  • Publisher

    Tea Market Expansion Bureau

  • Inscriptions

    Inside and back of pamphlet has pencil drawings of women's heads both in profile and front on. Front printed, black and red ink: WHY? / IS THE FLAVOUR OF BILLY TEA ALWAYS SO GOOD? Reverse, printed, black and red ink: ANYTIME IS TEA TIME Inside, printed black and red ink: because ..... the tea leaves are thrown into boiling water / Many people attempt to make tea ina cold pot. test have proved that water which leaves the spout of the kettle at boiling point (282°) is only about 180° when the pouring is finished. / Firstly, therefore, in order to extract the full flavour and enjoyment of tea, rinse the pot thoroughly with a generous amount of boiling water - or warm the pot in the oven. / Next the tea itself - wich should be a good brand of tea - put one teaspoon of tea for each cup and one for the pot. / The moment the water boils furiously pour it on the tea - then let it brew for five minutes. Simple - and yet it is the secret of good tea. / Issued by TEA MARKET EXPANSION BUREAU / An organisation of Tea Growers formed to encourage the consumption of More Tea and Better Tea / What you need is a Good Cup of Tea

  • Classification

    Royal exhibition building, Advertising

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    15 cm (Length), 13 cm (Height)

  • Exhibition Collection Management

    78 mm (Width), 130 mm (Height)

  • Keywords

    Food & Drink Consumption, Wars & Conflicts, World War II, 1939-1945, Tea