This small diorama was made by George Browning. They were made for and used in the Story of Victoria Exhibition, which was the first multi-disciplinary exhibition mounted by Museum of Victoria 1985-1992. The diorama could be viewed from three angles; the interpretative text suggested a number of ways that the events of the Eureka Stockade have been interpreted, and raised the issue of different interpretations of the same historical event, depending on your perspective.

The Eureka Stockade occurred in 1854, when a group of miners rebelled against Government authority and regulations, and set up a stockade on the mining fields at Ballarat. They were attacked early on the morning of Sunday 3 December and soldiers and miners were killed.

Physical Description

Hand-made diorama of the battle between gold miners and soldiers at the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat in 1854. Scene consists of many figurines representing both sides engaged in fighting. All soldiers are carrying rifles with bayonets attached. 6 soldiers are on horse back. Miners are using pistols, rifles and hand held weapons. Dead bodies on each side of fence line. A mud and canvas hut stands to the rear of the miner's section with a covered wagon between the hut and a corrugated tin structure. A blue and white Eureka flag stands as a main focal point of the miner's section.

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