Hoover Keymatic washing machine, made in 1962 or later. The machine was a trade-in at the donor's electrical store. It was used in Melbourne, Victoria.

Physical Description

White enamelled, angle-front Hoover "Keymatic" washing machine with "programme cartridge." Front loading, panel above, and hinges downwards to reveal opening of 24.5cm 0. Barrel is 34cm D, and coated with mid-blue enamel. In centre of rear is small circular agitator (14cm 0) with 6 ridges radiating from central point. Control panel, 50cm L x 6.5 cm W, with circular cycle indicator with a black triangular marker. To right is red door-button (as above), then "PUSH ON/PUSH OFF" switch. On extreme right slot, below which is written word "KEYMATIC" This is designed for accompanying cartridge, 2-sided. Allows for 8 cycles, including "SPIN DRY" and "MINIMUM IRON," using a crude, "slot-controlled," mechanism. On the rear of the machine, a grey electric chord is attached, as well as hot and cold tap pipes and a drainage pipe.

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