Booklet titled 'Immigration, Population and Social Cohesion' produced by One Nation circa 1998. This booklet contains the Immigration Policy for Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party, which was launched on the steps of the Immigration Museum.

One Nation was formed in 1997 by Pauline Hanson, David Oldfield and David Ettridge. The name was chosen to signify belief in national unity, in contrast to a perceived increasing division in Australian society. One Nation promised to reduce immigration and to abolish 'discriminatory' policies related to Aboriginal and multicultural affairs. It also denounced economic rationalism and globalisation. Adopting strong protectionist policies, One Nation advocated the restoration of import tariffs, a revival of Australia's manufacturing industry, and an increase in support for small business and the rural sector.

Physical Description

Booklet made up of white A4 paper, stapled and bound with black tape. Text printed in black.

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