Sample tube of butesin picrate ointment with Metaphen, manufactured by Abbott Laboratories Ltd., Sydney, N.S.W. Applied to burns or skin lesions as a topical anaesthetic, analgesic and antiseptic. Contains corrosive picric acid and mercury.

Physical Description

1 Small rectangular cardboard box which opens at top and base. Printed with green and black ink. Pink stamped words on both sides. Text all over except base. 2. Small aluminium tube, silver in colour. Screw top lid. Paper label wrapped around object which takes up approx. 1/3 of the tube at the top. Label printed in green and black ink. Still contains the original product (Butesin Picrate Ointment). Butesin picrate 1% - butyl-p-aminobenzoate is a combusible material and irritant. Conatins 1 oz (28 mL).

More Information