Note: This object is a derogatory depiction of a particular cultural group. Such depictions are not condoned by Museums Victoria which considers them to be racist. Historical distance and context does not excuse or erase this fact.

Knitted 'golliwog' doll made in 1995. It was knitted by a 69 year old female patient at Mont Park, a mental health hospital in Victoria, Australia. The doll reminded the patient of a similar one that she had during her childhood in the United Kingdom. It was produced as part of an occupational therapy program.

Golliwogs have fallen out of favour around the world in all kinds of commercial areas, from toys to children's books to foodstuffs as they as they are inherently racist.

Physical Description

Knitted doll filled with wadding. Doll has been knitted in light blue, black, white, yellow, pink and violet. The eyes are constructed from white felt with black stitches for the pupils, the doll's mouth has been created in pink using chain stitch between the two eyes, and there is a pink ribbon tied around the doll's neck.

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