Set of chestnut doll's furniture made by Licia Bazzara in the 1960s. This furniture is a reproduction of similar toys made by Licia Bazzara as a child in Fiume in the 1920s. Her mother, a secondary school teacher, taught her children to use nature's products such as fruit and flowers to make 'seasonal' toys. Licia migrated to Columbia with her husband and children in 1954. They returned to Italy in 1964 and in 1966 migrated to Australia.

Physical Description

The set comprises one table and four chairs. The table is made from one chestnut; the flat side is uppermost and has nine brown headed pins inserted around the edge. From pin to pin gold coloured cotton thread has been threaded thus extending the size of the chestnut and forming the top of the table. Similar method has been used to form the base, but using four brown headed pins only. A similar construction method has been used for the four chairs, using the pins and cotton thread to form the base and back rests of the chestnut seats.

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