Wooden hand from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF). The Heart in Hand is a symbol of charity. It refers to the help which an Odd Fellow gives to a brother in need, and the spirit in which help is to be given. The hand of a true Odd Fellow should always be open to the needs of other members of the order.

Friendly Societies were community and interest based organisations which attracted members who wished to insure themselves and their families against poverty caused by sickness or death. They were self-help organisations, with local lodges who met together regularly, and they promoted mutual care and a sense of community. Old rituals were imported into the new land, and lodge members helped each other find jobs and become established in the community.

Physical Description

This wooden hand has been painted gold. A heart has been carved onto the palm of the hand and is painted red. A bracelet has been carved around the wrist and is painted white. The base of the hand has been elaborately carved.

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