Alternative Name(s): Button, Pin

World War I Red Cross fundr-raising badge 'For Kith and Kin'. One of 24 fundraising badges attached to a black velvet ribbon. Purchased and collected by the donor's great-grandmother, Mrs Lillie Mary Holinger, in Melbourne (probably Canterbury).

According to contemporary newspaper articles the Commonwealth Button Fund issued buttons of this design for a Victorian Red Cross appeal in July 1915. All funds raised during the appeal were to be used for the support of the Australian Red Cross and the servicmen in their care. Between 300,000-400,000 of the buttons were distributed. Pezikian & Anderson (2017: 14) identify the badge's maker as the Victorian Christian Endeavour Union.

Physical Description

Circular pressed tin badge with red background and a white border, featuring a white flag bearing a red cross. Written in white is the phrase 'For Kith and Kin'. The back of the badge is a dull tin with minor rust. A bent nail has been utilised as the pin and is attached through a hole in the back of the badge.

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