Alternative Name(s): Pin, Button

One of 24 fundraising badges attached to a black velvet ribbon. Purchased and collected by the donor's great-grandmother, Mrs LIllie Mary Holinger, in Melbourne (probably Canterbury).

The Australian Red Cross was formed as a branch of the British Red Cross at Government House, Melbourne on 13 August 1914. The first Australian Red Cross volunteers focused on supplying care parcels containing soap, toiletries, special food and games for sick and wounded troops. By 1915 Voluntary Aid Detachments (VADs) cared for the sick and wounded in hospitals, on trains during transport and in convalescent homes. The Red Cross continued to support veterans after the war.

Badges such as this were used to raise funds to support their work.

Physical Description

Circular pressed tin badge featuring the Red Cross flag (red cross on white background). Beneath the flag is a a two-tiered scroll with red text 'Australian Red Cross Appeal 1918', against a gold background with a white and red border. The back of the badge is a dull tin, and is damaged by rust. A bent nail has been utilised as the pin and is attached through holes in the back of the badge.

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