Packet for Small's Club Chocolate for Men, made by H. Small & Company Pty Ltd. It was found under the floorboards of the Exhibition Building Gallery, Great Hall, when they were replaced in 1989.

Small's Club Chocolate for Men was advertised in Australian newspapers from at least 1935. Illustrated advertising from 1946, using the same graphic as SH 960787, indicate it could have been eaten during World War II, when the RAAF and WAAAF personnel were based at the Exhibition Building. A January 1946 advertisement, depicting man and woman in bathing costumes, warns it is made 'especially for men. It's NOT so sweet... But the girls took one taste. Loved it. Now the men have to share it with the girls.' The packet graphic was still being used by Small's in 1952.

From 1940 to 1946 the Exhibition Building in Melbourne (later the Royal Exhibition Building) was occupied by the Royal Australian Air Force as a training school. About 500 to 700 RAAF and WAAAF personnel lived there or attended the site for varying periods of time.

Physical Description

Square, black and white cardboard packet. Front shows a sketch of a man sitting in an armchair, reading a newspaper and eating chocolate. Blue cellophane wrapper inside.

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