Plastic Mocopan bag used by Mocopan Food Processing Company at Preston to package and brand their produce, circa 1972. Mocopan was established by Agostino Monici, Sergio Coperchini and Vic Panettieri in 1953. The name was an amalgamation of the surnames of the three men. Mocopan was originally composed of three sections; coffee processing and sales; the production of smallgoods, and the processing of polenta flour. The smallgoods were unsuccessful and both Coperchini and Panettieri left the company, a succession of partners followed, including Frank Dimattina. Mocopan was managed by the Dimattina's until 1995 when it was sold to a multi-national.

Physical Description

Clear rectangular plastic bag with text in black purple and white on a white background. On the front of the bag at the top is a cartoon of a butler holding the word 'It's' on a tray, below this is a round teapot in brown. On the back is text in Italian and English

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