Leaflet made by Quadricolor Industries Pty Ltd., for Taranto's circa 1960s. Taranto's was founded by Angelo Taranto and his wife Ernesta in 1960 under the name of Taranto's Continental Gelati and Ice Cream Company Pty. Ltd, at 61-63 Ireland Street, West Melbourne and thenceforward operated as Taranto's Ice Cream Pty. Ltd.

Angelo Taranto was born in Alicudi, in the Eeolian Islands, Sicily. He arrived in Australia with his mother Maria in 1948 to be reunited with his father Giuseppe who had been in Melbourne since 1937. In 1956 Angelo and his parents commenced the operation of Taranto's Cafe Lounge. It is in this bar that Angelo began making Italian style ice-cream. In 1957, Angelo married Ernesta [nee Baldi] who had arrived in Melbourne with her parents in 1949. In 1960, Angelo and Ernesta set up Taranto's Ice Cream company in West Melbourne. The company was sold in 2000.

Physical Description

A4 size leaflet. The front features a picture of an ice cream, with blue text. The back, features pictures of various food including cherries, butter, cream, coffee beans, vanilla beans, sultanas, pineapple and oranges and extensive text detailing the history of taranto's and the ingredients used, at the bottom is an advertisement for a taranto's cooler bag.

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