Alternative Name(s): Patchwork Quilt, Handcrafts

Quilt made by Elizabeth Hawkey, who migrated to Australia from England in 1866. It remained in the Hawkey family for generations until a great-granddaughter donated it to the Goulburn Valley Quilters Group in Shepparton, who mended and conserved it before donating it to the museum.

There is a short article about the quilt in the magazine Down Under Quilts, June 1992.

The quilt is mentioned in Jenny Manning: Australia's Quilts: a Directory of Patchwork Treasures, 1999, p.114: 'The Elizabeth Hawkey Quilt ... had been made in Victoria during the late 19th century by Elizabeth Hawkey who had emigrated to Australia from England in 1866. The quilt had remained in the Hawkey family for several generations. It was given to the Goulburn Valley Quilters by Elizabeth's great granddaughter, Mrs Nancy Vibert, who had slept under it as a child. It is a rare example of a double-sided quilt, both the front and back having been pieced by hand in similar geometric combinations of squares, triangles and rectangles. The fabrics include printed cottons of pink, brown and pale blue. The work has been quilted by hand and a woollen blanket has been used as a filling.'

Physical Description

Hand-pieced two-sided quilt. Pieced sides attached to cream woollen blanket with parallel rows of machine stitching. One side has a wide red border and geometric pieces are in red blue and pale-coloured printed cotton fabric. The other side has a similar geometric pattern but is worked in paler fabrics in pink, brown and pale blue prints.

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