Annual Report for the Good Neighbour Council of Victoria, 1955-1956. This report was used by the 1956-1957 president of the Good Neighbour Council of Victoria.

The Good Neighbour Council was a Commonwealth Government program launched in 1950 which aimed to win grassroots acceptance of post war immigration and promote rapid assimilation. The Good Neighbour Council was a co-ordinating body to activate, encourage and co-ordinate the efforts of local community organisations. The Council became a focal point for training volunteers and providing information and assistance to migrants. Community criticism regarding the lack of meaningful migrant participation and the failure of the program to reach out to non-British migrants saw the program cease in 1979. This coincided with a shift in migration policy from assimilation to multiculturalism.

Physical Description

Cream coloured booklet, stapled at spine. The front cover has printed blue text and the logo of the Good Neighbour Council at the top of the page. Inside the booklet is a contents page and extensive text in black type.

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