Colour photograph of Domenico and Domenica Annetta in front of shed in their back yard vegetable garden at their home in Reservoir, Melbourne, about 1994.

Domenico, Domenica and their three children migrated from the town of Sant'Angelo, Calabria in 1960. They travelled to Australia on board the ship Australia. It is one of a collection of photographs that document the Annetta family migration story, life in Melbourne and Domenico's miniature agricultural model-making activity. He created the models to preserve the memories of his life as a subsistence farmer in Calabria, Italy before migrating to Australia, and as gifts for his childdren and grandchildren to show them the tools and daily items he used as a farmer.

Physical Description

Colour photograph


This photograph forms part of a set of images that supplement and accompany a collection of seven agricultural models made by Domenico Annetta. His beautifully hand crafted models represent the conscious efforts of a parent to create in miniature traditional agricultural practices from his homeland to demonstrate his former life in tangible form to his children and grandchildren. Not only do they capture life in rural Italy but also give materiality to migrant memories and experiences in a form that can be visualised. The collection is enhanced by other items made by Domenico and photographs of Domenico making the agricultural models and his life both in Italy and in Australia.

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