Note: This object includes includes a derogatory depiction of a particular cultural group. Such depictions are not condoned by Museums Victoria which considers them to be racist. Historical distance and context does not excuse or erase this fact.

A single page advertising flyer showing a range of soft toys including teddy bears, animal soft toys, 'Golly' dolls and a clown.

Jakas Soft Toys was a Melbourne-based company which designed and manufactured genuine high quality soft toys from 1956. Their range included teddy bears, golliwogs and Australian native animals.

Jakas Soft Toys ceased production in the late 1990s outlasting many local toy manufacturers competing with cheaper overseas imports.

Physical Description

A single page A4 size colour photocopy of an advertising flyer with four images of a range of soft toy designs. The top left-hand image is labelled ' '96 Teddies' and shows a group of teddy bear designs. The top right-hand image is labelled ' '96 Soft Toys' and shows a group of animal soft toy designs. The bottom left-hand image is labelled ' '96 Australianna' and shows a group of Australian animal designs. The bottom right-hand image is labelled 'Old Jakas' and shows an animal, clown and two 'Golly' designs. 'Jakas Soft Toys' is printed in black at the top of the flyer with the address and contact details for the company shown in the top right-hand corner.

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