Plush, gold coloured 'Cuddle' teddy bear with a red ribbon tied around its neck. Part of an archive of unsold stock samples donated by the manufacturer.

Jakas Soft Toys was a Melbourne-based company which designed and manufactured genuine high quality soft toys from 1956. Their range included teddy bears, golliwogs, animals and birds. They ceased production in the late 1990s outlasting many local toy manufacturers competing with cheaper overseas imports.

With children's health and safety in mind, the toys were made from wool and synthetic plush, quality fabrics, non-allergic filling and 'safety eyes'. The Jakas range of soft toys came with care and washing instructions and could be handed down for generations.

Physical Description

Gold coloured plush teddy bear with two toned plastic eyes, black embroidered nose and mouth and black 'claws' stitched onto its upper paws. There is a red ribbon tied into a bow around its neck. There is a 'Jakas Toys' label stitched onto the back of one of its lower limbs. Triangular label with the 'Australian Made' logo is secured to the body of the teddy bear with a plastic tag and a square white sticker is stuck on top of the label showing the name, price and code of this teddy bear design.

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