Booklet issued to passengers travelling on the P&O Line ship SS Iberia in 1955. It contains a passenger list for the voyage. It was collected by Donald Dott during his travels between Australia and Europe in 1954-1956.

Many ships such as the SS Iberia carried both tourists and immigrants, and documents such as dinner menus, luggage labels, and King Neptune certificates were provided to all passengers.

Physical Description

A5 sized booklet consisting of a thin cardboard cover and six doubled sided paper pages, and one singled sided loose leaf page. The front cover is decorated with a yellow, red, blue and white flag flying from a flag pole, around which is a banner printed with `P & O Passenger List'. The back cover is decorated with the same design minus the banner. Inside is printed a list of the passengers travelling on the P & O ship Iberia from 21 December 1955 for Australia. The loose leaf sheet is printed with late additions and cancellations to the passenger list.

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