Piece of uncarved American Oak, which was part of the stock that Eva Schubert had for carving in her studio in Nunawading. She wrote the name of the timber on the piece when she donated it to the Museum. Although Eva often selects timber for specific projects sometime the timber will suggest the project to her. The different qualities of each type of timber are utilised in different projects.

Eva Schubert was born in the northern German part of the former Czechosolvakia in 1922. After a time as refugees in post war Europe she and her husband lived in Bavaria until immigrating to Australia in 1955. It was in Australia that Eva first began to carve, learning from her husband who was a wood worker who had trained under a master craftsman. After her husband died she took over the business and increasingly developed her own style.

Physical Description

Piece of American Oak. It is in a commercially sawn length with one end curved. The timber is raw and its name has been written on it in pencil by the artist.

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