Pages of The Australasian Sketcher, Adelaide edition, Saturday 22 November 1879, pp. 133-34, 137-40, published by G.N. & W.H. Birks, Adelaide.

Page 140 contains a full page black & white wood block engraving of the New South Wales Court at the Sydney International Exhibition, 1879.

The New South Wales Court at the Sydney International Exhibition (17 September 1879 - 20 April 188) occupied ten bays; six bays, from the central dome along the eastern end of the transept, as well as four bays along the Southern nave. In the nave was a much admired display by the Department of Mines. Exhibits reflected the rich wealth of the colony, and included specimens of auriferous quartz, silver, copper and tin ores, all labelled with details of the district from which they were extracted, along with an impressive gold obelisk.

Physical Description

The illustration shows display cabinets in the foreground with formally dressed men and women gathered around them. In the background is a tall column representing the amount of gold mined at Mudgee. The display hall has a vaulted ceiling with a balcony running down either side. It is decorated with flags and bunting. Page 134 contains a short article describing the Exhibition.

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