Double-sided page (pp. 39-40) from the country edition of The Australasian Sketcher, Wednesday 4 June 1879, published by Wilson & McKinnon, Melbourne.

On the bottom half of p. 40 is an engraving illustrating the construction of the Garden Palace, the site at which the Sydney International Exhibition was held in 1879.

Physical Description

Page 39 contains three columns of text. The first column has an article taken from the Sydney Morning Herald describing progress on the building. Page 40 consists of three black & white woodblock illustrations. The upper two images depict two well-known stage actresses, Mrs Josephine Lingard and Miss Jennie Watt-Tanner. The lower image depicting the construction of the Garden Palace for the Sydney International Exhibition, 1879. The building is covered in scaffolding with many workmen busy. The two main cupolas are taking shapes. In the foreground pedestrians and horse drawn vehicles are passing and watching the construction. There is also a statue, viewed from behind, surrounded by fencing.

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