Two pages (pp. 39-40) from The Australasian Sketcher, Saturday 10 April 1880, published by Wilson & McKinnon, Melbourne.

The second page consists of two half-page, black & white illustrations. The top image depicts a meeting of the Melbourne Exhibition Commission which was held in the Melbourne Town Hall in May 1878. The bottom image depicts a military serenade to Mr Frederick Sargood, the colony's defence minister, on the occasion of him travelling to Great Britain to give evidence on the state of Victorian defences at the Colonial Defence Commission held in London in 1880.

Physical Description

Image of the Exhibition Commissioners shows a number of men seated around a table, on which papers, writing implements, four glasses and a decanter are spread. The Chairman of the Commission, Sir William Clarke, is seated at a separate table with the other commissioners grouped around him. Discussion is taking place.

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