Made: Sands and McDougall Tom Carrington, designer, 1901
Used: 1901
Kipling's Ode, continued: 'Loyal she gave the greeting, royal she bowed her head, Crying, 'Crown me, my mother,' and the old Queen stood and said ..." For additional lines of Kipling's 'The Young Queen' see catalogue entry 96.225.
Kipling's Commonwealth Ode is called 'The Young Queen' 'Her hand was still on her sword belt - the spur was still on her heel - She had not cast her harness of grey war-dented steel; High on her red-splashed charger, beautiful, bold and browned, Bright-eyed out of the battle, the young Queen rode to be crowned. (See below)

Physical Description

Framed colour invitation to Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Marsh to witness the opening of the Parliament of the Commonwealth from the Prime Minister, Edmund Barton on 9th May 1901. Invitation cites Kipling's Commonwealth Ode. The image, produced by Sands and McDougall Limited, Melbourne, shows a young woman, with armour and sword, dismounting from a white horse in front of an older woman who has a crown in front of her. Several other women look on. The room is hung with heraldic bunting and shields, including one of the Union Jack and one showing the Southern Cross. The older woman is dressed as Britannia, and her shield and trident are at rest beside her. Six young women look on, possibly representing the States.

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