Seating plan for the opening of the first Federal Parliament, 9 May 1901 in the Exhibition Building. The plan identifies where invited guests sat and has a key which lists the locations for the various colour-coded tickets.

The Royal Dais and official party were seated in the south nave; behind them sat members of the Press. The Commonwealth Parliamentarians were seated under the dome. Behind them in the north nave were Members of State Parliamentarian, state parliament officials and family members. Family members of the Commonwealth Parliamentarians were seated in the west nave alongside the orchestra. State premiers and their relatives, Executive Councillors and Mayors from the capital cities, Ministers of State, Navy and Military Officers, Judges and Consuls were seated in the east nave. There was unreserved seating in the west and east naves behind the invited guests.

Physical Description

Printed floor plan. Invited seating areas printed in red. A key to ticket colours is provided in the bottom right hand.

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