Gold medal certificate awarded to Thomas Gaunt, Melbourne, at the Geelong Industrial and Juvenile Exhibition, 1879-80. Awarded for Class II: scientific instruments, telescopes, barometers and microscopes, April 1880.

Physical Description

Certificate, gold coloured lithograph, extensively decorated using Australian flora & fauna. At the top, a tableau gathered beneath a Colonial flag. A woman is seated & holds a laurel wreath in her hands. Those around her are showing her mechanical & industrial objects. The tableau is on top of a temple-like structure with Corinthian columns. In the middle is the certificate & text shaped like a shield. This is being held at the bottom by another female figure standing on steps. Strewn over the steps are various mechanical/industrial items: a wheel/cog system, a palette & T-square. Emus & kangaroos are represented on either side of the shield. The Bay (Corio?) is in the background with sailing ships at Port. On the shield, a building is depicted (possibly the Geelong Mechanics Institute). This certificate was awarded to Thomas Gaunt for Scientific Instruments, Telescopes, Barometers, Microscopes and is dated Geelong, April 1880. Lithograph by A Izett Watson, Artist, Melbourne.

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