Alternative Name(s): Boxing Toy
Part of the Dorothy Howard Collection.
This object forms part of the Dorothy Howard Collection, contained within the Australian Children's Folklore Collection (ACFC). The ACFC is unique in Australia, documenting contemporary children's folklore across Australia and in other countries reaching back to the 1870s. The Collection has a strong component of research material relating to Victoria. See Supp File 99.01.

Physical Description

Home-made action toy made from balsa wood. Two boxing figures with swinging arms. One foot of each figure attached to metal spring encased in a wooden base. Spring is activated by pushing a wooden lever in the centre of the base, which makes the boxers rock forward towards one another. Each figure has black painted hair and eyes. Figure on the left has yellow painted gloves, pink painted shorts and dark blue painted shoes. Figure on the right has pink painted gloves, orange painted shorts and purple pained shoes. Base is painted pink on obverse and dark blue on reverse. Acknowledgement: Australian Children's Folklore Collection, Museum Victoria.

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