Original studio set of a household kitchen used in the television soap opera 'Neighbours'. Constructed by Grundy Entertainment in 1986 and used until 1999. In the show the Robinson family lived at 26 Ramsay Street and used this kitchen which connected to a dining area, the living room and hallway.

The set consisted of a doorway leading into a kitchen space with a window behind a sink and a bench at the front. There was a refrigerator, oven, microwave, electric hot plates, cupboards, and a sink. A garden backdrop appeared behind the window. The "fourth wall" was open. Four original studio lights with coloured gels were also acquired from Grundy Entertainment. The back of the set walls had graffitti messages from the crew and signatures of the actors.

In 2000 the set was on open display as part of the Melbourne Suburban Life display in the Melbourne Exhibition at Melbourne Museum (2000-2007). It was decorated with prop items and visitors were able to walk around it and through it. A replica model of characters Scott and Charlene's wedding cake was displayed inside the refrigerator. Examples of a script were sitting on the bench. It became a big draw card for many visitors, especially those from the United Kingdom. The Robinson's Kitchen was removed from display in 2007 and the gallery was redeveloped as the Melbourne Story.

Physical Description

Kitchen set with L shaped bench painted pale purple. There is a doorway to the left and window with garden backdrop on the right. The front 'fourth wall" is open. Installed on the back wall is an oven, refrigerator and microwave with cupboards. In front of the window is a stainless steal sink. On the bench to the left is a gas hot plate.

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