Used: circa 1955
Part of the Dorothy Howard Collection.
This object forms part of the Dorothy Howard Collection, contained within the Australian Children's Folklore Collection (ACFC). The ACFC is unique in Australia, documenting contemporary children's folklore across Australia and in other countries reaching back to the 1870s. The Collection has a strong component of research material relating to Victoria.See Supp File 99.01.

Children of all ages play games using materials found in their immediate environment. The impromptu use of sticks, stones, leaves, shells and seeds for imaginary and other games is well documented. In Western Australia, where these quandong seeds were collected, children in the 1950s used them in a game similar to Conkers in England. They were strung on a wire, and everyone took turns to hit each other's seeds, to try to break them. The last one left was the winner. These seeds are the 'stones' of the fruit of the quandong tree, an Australian native, found in dry areas, including Western Australia and Victoria.

Physical Description

Three round seeds from the Quandong tree, painted pink, in a clear plastic recycled box with hinged lid. Box previously contained Pine Incense Refills. Seeds are round, about the size of marbles, with rough surface. Lid and base of box are cracked. Acknowledgement: Australian Children's Folklore Collection, Museum Victoria.

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