Handmade coin made of clay from the local area of Castlemaine. The obverse was imprinted with a piece of silver wattle foliage. It could be used purchase a wide range of products and services in the Castlemaine area. 5 Silver Wattle (5sw) in 2022 in was worth $50.00 AUD.

"By creating our own currency that can only be used in Castlemaine we can build local resilience against national and global economic market forces," Dale Cox says."Instead of a sovereign's profile such as the Queen, an actual impression of the local silver wattle leaf invites a consideration of where we may find true value." (Lamb, E, 2022, 'Clay coin currency to circulate', Midland Express, 3 May, viewed 9 Jun 2022)

The members of Castlemaine Currency Project are Dale Cox, Ann Ferguson, & Jodi Newcombe. 10% of every silver wattle purchased went to 'Castlemaine Pay The Rent', a nationwide program to acknowledge traditional owners.

Physical Description

Circular clay coin with imprint of inscriptions and silver wattle foliage. Glazed with a matte brown slip to show definition.

Obverse Description

Impression of silver wattle foliage.

Reverse Description

Circle around rim; at centre, 5; around above, CASTLEMAINE, and below, SILVER WATTLE

Edge Description


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