Alternative Name(s): Gaucho Doll

Donated to the Australian Children's Folklore Collection by Maria Regina Ofele, an Argentinian delegate to the World Play Summit held in Melbourne in 1993. Delegates were asked to bring a traditional toy from their own country.

The Australian Children's Folklore Collection is unique in Australia, documenting contemporary children's folklore across Australia and in other countries reaching back to the 1870s. The Collection has a strong component of research material relating to Victoria.

Physical Description

Male doll in traditional gaucho, or South American cowboy, costume. The doll is dressed in a black felt hat with the brim turned up in the front and a black chin strap. Underneath the hat is a white headband around the forehead. He has a white neckerchief knotted at the front and a light blue collarless shirt. He has a black collarless jacket with white trim on the lapels and cuffs and black trousers. He has a red sash at the waist covered by a white belt with a silver buckle. A brightly coloured striped shawl hangs over his shoulder. Heavy black boots. The face appears to be papier mache with the features painted on, including heavy eyebrows and moustache. Acknowledgement: Australian Children's Folklore Collection, Museum Victoria.

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