Alternative Name(s): Games Panel

Calico banner, hand-decorated with graphics, text and applique, depicting Indian games.

This banner, and SH 99.328 and SH 99.329, were made for the 'World of Games' exhibition, held by Springvale Historical Society in 1997. The banner artists were Ellen Barnett, Jane Barnett, Molly Evans, Emma Cohn.

The Australian Children's Folklore Collection is unique in Australia, documenting contemporary children's folklore across Australia and in other countries reaching back to the 1870s. The Collection has a strong component of research material relating to Victoria.

Physical Description

Calico banner, hand decorated with graphics, text and applique, brightly coloured. The banner is titled and depicts games of India. Stencilled floral pattern in mauve down each edge of the banner. At the top, a hand drawn snakes & ladders board edged in black zigzag binding. Four green plasticine snakes are attached to the banner beneath the board, and are separated by plastic buttons. At the bottom of the banner is an appliqued pachisi board, with fabric in gold, black, silver, green and mauve. Beside the pachisi board are four yellow plastic playing pieces and four blue plastic playing pieces. The banner is signed at the bottom with the names of the four makers and dated 16.8.97. Acknowledgement: Australian Children's Folklore Collection, Museum Victoria.

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