Alternative Name(s): Honour Roll

Large carved wooden honour board commissioned by the Kildonan Presbyterian Homes for Children. The honour board commemorates the 67 former 'Kildonan Boys' who served in the AIF in the Great War (World War I). Eight of the men listed were killed in action.

The honour board was donated to the Museum in 1990 after the large institutional home had been replaced by cottages, and there was no longer any place to display it.

Physical Description

The honour board, of polished wood, has a tiled mosaic in the centre, portraying an armored knight. The top of the board has the legend in wooden lettering. There are two carved round columns, one on either side, flanking the knight's image and the names of the honoured soldiers. Carved wooden laurel wreath on the side of the board, and at its top. There are two rows of names, painted on the wood in gold paint, one on either side of the central image. The mosaic is of a knight in full armour, with cloak, sword and chain mail. He has a halo, and the word "Faith" is formed in mosaic tiles above his head. There is a green and yellow tile border, an interior border of gold tiles, a blue mosaic background, and the figure is painted on a smooth cement background. The central panel is attached separately, with four bolts.

More Information

  • Collection Names

    Military Memorabilia Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Public Life & Institutions, Childhood

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Kildonan Homes, 28 Sep 1990

  • Date of Event

    World War One, 1914-1918
    Commemorates the contribution made by Kildonan Boys in the First World War.

  • Place & Date Used

    Kildonan Homes, Melbourne, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1920-1990

  • Inscriptions

    On top: "For/ God King & Country; " In mosaic: "FAITH; TO THE GLORY OF GOD, AND IN MEMORY OF THE SERVICE RENDERED TO / THEIR COUNTRY BY KILDONAN BOYS WHO ENTERED THE / AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCES FOR SERVICE IN THE GREAT WAR." At base in gold paint: "+ DENOTES KILLED" On left hand side of board: 36 names listed On right side of board: 31 names listed

  • Classification

    Military history, Service, Honour boards

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • overall dimensions

    209 cm (Length), 136 cm (Width), 15 cm (Height)
    Weight: .1 61.50 Kg including crate. (crate approx 20.00 kg.) .2 55.00 Kg including crate. (crate approx 14.50 kg.)

  • Exhibition Collection Management

    150 mm (Length), 1360 mm (Width), 2090 mm (Height), 83 (Weight)
    Weight is approx, without travelling crates.

  • References

    M. Robinson, "Kildonan, One Hundred Years of Caring: a Brief History of the Work of Kildonan Homes for Children, 1881-1981", Published by the Uniting Church, 1981. Copy held SLV. It mentions the re-building of the North Melbourne property in 1914 - it was too small for the demand, although most of the children were boarded out to foster families. The book does not mention the war.
    [Book] Hutchinson, Garrie. 2009. Remember Them; a Guide to Victoria's Wartime Heritage., 30-2 Pages

  • Keywords

    Children's Homes, Orphanages, Wars & Conflicts, World War I, 1914-1918